Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lord have mercy

Okay, so I figure some of the folks reading about us in the news will google me and find this so I would like to tough on the part of the story that a 4 min spot can't cover.
Jose did in fact enter the countrt illegally. He was 18 and the second of eight children (the oldest is mentally ill). His father was drunk the entire time he was a child, Jose never saw his father sober until he returned to Mexico months ago. He wore Mayan shoes growing up until he was twelve and a rich kid gave him a pair off sneakers. Until then, they cut up old tires and tied them to their feet with bananna leaves. He did not have a house of any way to get clean water. They drank from the same river they bathed in and had a hut made of bananna leaves and palms. So he was trying to save his family from poverty and he broke the law.
He worke for minimun wage and saved enough money to build a house, dig a well and build a store. He created a way for his mother to provide financially for her children. His plan was always to go home once he had paved the way. Then we met.
So when the LIFE act was passed by congress it was the right thing to do. We researched and found a well recommended lawyer. We hired him, we filed and we did follow up to make sure it was filed on time. In fact that attorney still insists it was filed on time just has given me nothing to prove this to the US government and all evidence says otherwise.
So we hired a new lawyer who fought for years and Jose was allowed to work and reside here duing the ongoing legal battle. He paid taxes for 10 years. He legally held a job during this time.
We actually planned neither of our children because we thought it best to wait until the legal battle was over, but God had other plans for us.
So here we are, years and years later. It has cost us a lot of money, but really it is a small price to pay for the love of your life or father to yoyur children to remain by your side.
The new lawyer did nothing wrong, she fought hard and legally we just had not recourse in the end. She is arguablly the best immigration attorney in the State of Washington.
Over Jose's dead body would he chose to have his children raised in Mexico. Women finish 6th grade and men just isn't what is best for them. There is a recession in Mexico too and minimum wage if you were to find a job is 4 dollars a day. A American looking for work there could expect to make less because you would have to work under the table most likely. I do not think it is smart to leave my job in the middle of a recession either. So we will settle on visiting him there.
I don't think I have it half as bad as him, my life is hard right now but I have my children. He has no one. He is alone and has been stripped of his ability to provide for his children, something men need to do just to keep their sanity. He is unable to hold them when they cry or help them in any way. So I feel like the lucky one.
Hope the story sits well with you, and if it doesn't I guess I just don't care. Those who know Jose, will understand. BTW the hateful comments on the King 5 sight are rude and often ignorant. Jose speaks English, Mayan and Spanish. He has paid taxes. We are not on welfare. Just to set some of you straght. Poor are not legally able to come to America even if just to visit. My father in law was not allowed to visit because he did not have enough money in the bank...and I (American citizen) applied on his behalf.
Ok Thats it, the end.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the storm front

My lawyer emailed yesterday and Cuidad Juarez has received or found (whatever) Jose's paperwork so she just needs to send his I 230 to them and then he can go back....On line it says the turn around is 10 months right now..but National Visa Center promises to rush things for us (I will not hold my breath).. Of course he will probobly leave the first week of school...lovely. 10 months is out of control and I know I might last 3 or 4 but after that I will have to make a run for the border...being a American is so overrated.

My suggestion to the red necks who sit on the tailgates and shoot and border crossers is that they funnel their energies into a government system that is less expensive, time consumming, and altogether confusing. I wish we had just let Jose be illegal...hind sight is 20 20.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

so I got tagged lets see if I can figure it out

8 things I look forward to:
1 school being out
2 my husband being able to fly home from mexico
3 dinner
4 cold beer
5 my 10 year anniversary next yr (vacation?)
6 bike rides with my kids
7 dancing
8 my husband getting off early all summer

8 things I did yesterday:
1 got promoted
2 read to my kids
3 made killer fried rice
4 was good on my diet
5 drank coffee for the first time in 2.5 weeks
6 got really buzzed from the coffee
7 cleaned the blinds
8 laundry

8 things I wish I could do
1 eat whatever i want
2 run without knee pain
3 slide into home plate
4 work less
5 get paid more
6 take vacations
7 not forget things
8 type really fast

8 tv shows i watch
(this will be a struggle)
1 greys
2 ugly betty
3 csi miami
4 csi new york
5 csi las vegas
6 espn sports
7 numbers
8 the mentalist

If you read this consider yourself tagged....

crazy times and it is not even summer yet

Eric totally has summer fever and Maya can't wait to spend more time with him. We went to the circus a couple weekends ago and the kids haven't stopped playing clowns since....The whole thing was in Spanish and Eric kept saying what did they say??? I figure he needs to speak more Spanish...
Dragged out the mini pool and we are officially the neighborhood hot spot! Any given day there are 4 or more kids running through the pool and front yard.
I got certified to be a training store so I am really excited...should be a partner by Friday....then I will realy dig into the sales building so I can retire in 5 years! lol

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

playing catch up

Easter was fun!!! Maya and Eric loved looking for Easter eggs. Maya did the toddler hunt inside with the other 3 yr olds but Eric had his own special hunt in Josh's backyard. He likes it better when things are hidden in plain sight but he managed to find all 20 eggs after 15 minutes or more. We had good food and even better chocolate. Jose had the whole week off before Easter but Eric had the week before that no family vacation this yr. maybe next yr when they are both at Annie Wright. BTW Eric is in officially at Annie Wright next year; both scary and exciting. Exciting because Eric will be attending the most prestigious school in the Tacoma area and they have a God centered curriculum. Scary because his education will cost as much as a small foriegn car yearly. Lucky we get a healthy discount...I really thought it was still expensive even with the discount but hten I priced Cascade Heritage and TBS and then I loved my mother even more. Who knew she had spent so much on my education.
So is it worth it. Yes, I hope I am right but I think so. My mothers side of the family almost all did private school and it seems like my cousins all turned out "OK" (some are still turning out). Lets face it, working full time I need all the help I can get with my kids and Annie Wright is all inclusive...swimming, music you name it , you can get it.

What more...the date Jose was supposed to leave came and went and we are still here....for now...we'll see. I know nothing so nothing new to post.